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Concrete & Heavy Debris

We provide dumpsters to dispose of materials related to sidewalks, driveways, retaining walls, chimneys and more. Our heavy debris dumpsters come with 10 ton weight limits.

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Concrete Dumpsters

Concrete disposal is handled differently by different dumps and landfills. Therefore, depending on your location we may need to come up with a customized solution for your project. 

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Clean vs Mixed Concrete

While you may think your concrete is clean, often times there are hidden components buried within the thick blocks that require special attention when disposing. Clean concrete means it does not contain any rebar, mesh, nails, asphalt, metals, tree roots or any other contaminates. If your concrete does have added materials, we can still dispose of these for you using a mixed load dumpster.

Need a Concrete Dumpster?

To get proper pricing, please call us to get a quote for a concrete dumpster.

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Heavy Debris Dumpsters

Some materials need to be handled differently than standard trash and concrete. Yellow Dumpster Service has the right dumpster to tackle any project.

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If you are replacing or repairing a driveway, road or paved surface, then you will need to specify so we can provide you with an appropriate dumpster for the job.

⚬ Driveways
⚬ Walkways
⚬ Basketball courts

dumpster for mixed load concrete and brick

Mixed Load

If you have concrete that is mixed with other materials, we will handle these projects with a similar estimate.

⚬ Construction projects
⚬ Home remodelings
⚬ Demolition

⚬ Building renovations

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Brick & Masonry

Bricks are found on almost every construction site, and because of their weight, disposing of them can be cumbersome. With a properly sized dumpster, you can easily discard of these unwanted bricks and move on with the project without the trouble.

⚬ Chimneys
⚬ Hardscapes

Brush & Landscape Debris

We can provide you with dumpsters for dirt, landscape materials and/or tree trimmings and brush. Each project is different, so call us to get a price on these types of projects.

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Dirt can be extremely heavy and difficult to deal with even with a large pickup truck. Throw all of your materials into a rolloff container for easy cleanup. Some typical project great for dirt dumpsters are:

⚬ Construction Sites
⚬ Gardening
⚬ Playgrounds

tree trimming brush dumpster


Removing brush and stumps is easy when you are using Yellow Dumpster Service. We provide discounted dumpsters so that all brush and stumps can be piled in and later recycled. Use these containers for:

⚬ Brush
⚬ Yard Waste
⚬ Tree trimmings

Frequently Asked Questions

The max weight for concrete, asphalt, brick and mixed loads is 10 tons or 20,000 lbs.

To get an accurate price for a concrete dumpster, we must first identify the type of concrete you have. Landfills have strict rules pertaining to concrete so it is important to identify the proper load type. For this reason, please call us to get an estimate at (410)796-7951.

You can dispose of any type of concrete, brick, asphalt or mixed loads up to the 10 ton weight limit. If you have more than that, we can either bring more than one dumpster or we can dump the loads when they fill up and replace with empty dumpsters for you to refill.

It is important that you not have any trash in the concrete dumpsters, as the landfill will reject the load in most cases. We recommend having someone sort out the trash from the concrete, brick or asphalt before loading into the dumpster to avoid mixing in.

Trees, branches, yard clippings, dirt, and just about any organic material can be thrown into the dumpster. It is important that you tell us exactly what you are throwing away before ordering your dumpster, so you must call ahead to get pricing and details.

Dumpster prices range from $399 – $639 depending on the size of the dumpster, your location, how long you need it, and what you will be throwing out. Check out our pricing for more information or contact us with questions.

All of our dumpster rentals now come with a standard 10-day rental period. If you fill it up early, call us and we can come pick it up. If you need it longer, just let us know and we will make accommodations!

Household items, furniture, appliances, most electronics (check with us first), yard waste, lawn trimmings and waste, construction materials, and more. For questions about specific items please contact us directly

You can dispose of construction materials like brick, cement, and metal but you must notify us ahead of time and rent one of our construction dumpsters.

Yes, electronics are ok to throw away so long as they are not a large majority of your entire load. Maryland law requires large amounts of electronics to be recycled, so if are clearing out an office building or have a large number of them, please ask us first.

While we do haul junk away for you, we leave the dumpster for you to fill personally. We do not have a crew to help load them for you. We think filling the dumpster yourself is the better way to get rid of junk anyway as you can control what goes and what stays.

All materials must be visibly lower than the upper rim of the container. There should not be anything showing above the dumpster while looking at it straight on. Please reach out to us if you are disposing of materials that require special consideration.

Customer Testimonials

Annapolis, MD
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I rarely write reviews but these folks were great in every way...The price quoted was the price I paid after it was removed from the property, weighed and emptied. They delivered it when promised while it was snowing and picked it up promptly when I finished the job. Rock arranged everything to perfection.
Baltimore, MD
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Rocky is very efficient. I needed the dumpster before the weekend and he pushed so I could get it the day of. Great company. I'll recommend to anyone who is trying to clean house, office or anything.
Columbia, MD
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Rocky was friendly and straight forward, I appreciated that. Drop off was a bit later then expected but I was compensated for it by having the dumpster longer. Communication was quick and easy too. I’ll be using Yellow Dumpster Service again in the future and recommending them to friends and family.